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Mittwoch, 19. Februar 2020

International Astronomical Youth Camp 2020 - Call for applications

International Astronomical Youth Camp: 12th July – 1st August 2020 in Extremadura, Spain

Imagine spending three weeks of your summer in the beautiful countryside – and with access to some 
of the darkest skies – working with other young people from all over the world on an astronomical project 
of your choice. The International Astronomical Youth Camp (IAYC) is a summer research camp aiming to 
promote knowledge on astronomy and related sciences in a unique international atmosphere. 
Celebrating diversity is deeply embedded in the culture of the camp – we are dedicated to making the 
camp accessible to all, and we especially welcome applications from minorities in STEM. 

Each year the IAYC takes place in a different remote location, and it will be in the gorgeous Extremadura
 region in Spain this year. The IAYC is different from most astronomy camps for two reasons: (1) it has
 a strong international character and (2) you will design and carry out your own small research project.
 You will not just accept facts, but you will discover them for yourself. We are proud of the incredible 
variety of projects that have been carried out during the camp over the past 50 years, which include 
building rockets and rovers; constructing radio telescopes; astrophotography; cultural astronomy; 
computer programming and machine learning; exoplanets; stellar evolution; cosmology; and so much 
more. We have a diverse network of previous IAYCers, who have all gone on to fulfil a diverse range 
of roles in science and beyond.

By night you will have access to a number of different telescopes, whether you are a complete 
beginner or a savvy expert. By afternoon (the morning is for sleeping), you will explore
astronomy-related projects in one of eight working groups. The groups are led by young scientists and
 focus on a specific topic related to space and astronomy. There is something for everyone, from the 
complete beginner to the ambitious student. This year the working groups are:

EPIC – Evi’s Planet Investigators & Co.
EPOCH – Early Physics Outlines with Code and Happiness
FLAT – FLirting with Absurd Theories
MESSY – Modelling Energy Systems SustainablY on exoplanets
OOPSIE – Observing and Photographing Skies In Extremadura
SCOUSE – Science COmmunication of the UniverSe and Everything
STORYTIME – STars On the Radiant SkY Truly Inspired Mythology on Earth
T-REX – Training Robots to EXplore

As well as the astronomical programme, there are many non-astronomical activities such as group 
games; sporting events; cultural, singing and poetry evenings; hiking tours and an excursion.

Anyone from 16 to 24 years old and able to communicate in English (your English doesn't have to be 
perfect!) may participate in the IAYC 2020. The fee for accommodation, full board and the whole
 programme, including the excursion, is 870 EUR and the application deadline is 5th April 2020.  
We also have grants available, for those who would love to attend but might not have the funds.

For more details, application and grant forms, outlines of projects and pictures from previous camps please go to

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Best wishes and clear skies,
The IAYC Leaderteam

 Ich war 1972 als Abiturient im ersten Camp im Sauerland, 1973 Gruppenleiter in Havelte, Niederlande
 und habe dann 1974 und 1975 zwei Camps selbst organisiert.
1999 habe ich das Camp in Ungarn als Gast besucht, es war so wie auch ganz am Anfang...und ich 
denke auch jetzt, fast 50 Jahre später, lohnt sich die Teilnahme immer noch. (KPH)

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